ACT Workshop

Five Day Intensive ACT Workshop

We equip students mentally and physically for the demanding environment of the ACT test. We are committed to the success of each of our students.

Getting a better ACT Composite Score is a high stakes game today. Your ACT test result can determine which school you get into and how much scholarship money you receive. Just one point higher on your ACT test can mean not only college admittance, but also thousands of dollars in scholarship money. The ACT test is not about how smart you are, rather how prepared you are. Let the experts help your student reach their full potential.

ACT Workshop Info

Students should raise their scores 2-5 points after applying the skills and strategies learned in this five day workshop.

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How does our program compare to others? With all of the programs promising your student’s success it is hard to determine which is the best. We work hard to ensure that our program exceeds some of the standard, non-personal programs on the market. We focus on helping your student in a personalized way. Here is how we stack up:


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