Helping Kids Realize that Learning is Fun!

IMG_0918What job would you do for free if you could?

Sometimes I wish I could capture the moment as each dyslexic child makes a breakthrough at The Study Hub. I wish I could record it so others could experience their elation. As a child slowly taps and sounds out a word letter by letter, you can see the slow motion raise of their head and the puff of their chest as they feel victorious; as if to say “Yes! I have this foreign reading code conquered!”


When a smart child, who has spent years struggling to read because they decode words differently, finds the key to the way they decode there is an uninhibited glow of excitement that says,'”Give me more!” “I AM smart!” This child, who previously felt dumb, suddenly feels an excitement that can’t be contained!
The wide-eyed-smiles that occur when there is a reading victory or “ah-ha” language moment cause me to physically jump up and down and do my most awkward happy dance (just come in and I’ll show you sometime)! I can usually get the student to join in on my uncomfortable celebration. Oh my! This is what learning should and can be! Exciting and individualized!
What if each child was taught based on their unique needs? A 1 to 1 ratio for the child that learns differently can be literally life changing! Unfortunately, this is often impossible in our underfunded and overcrowded classrooms. If you know a child struggling with reading or learning, it may be that they just don’t learn the way the masses do.

Every child deserves the treasure of reading and the satisfaction of realizing they have achieved what has, for so long, been a struggle! When is the last time you jumped for joy because you loved what you did?! I feel so blessed! These kids teach me so much, and together we can make learning so fun!

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